Me in *ED* Too

God like curiosity, AND~ who the hell be you to want, expect *ACCEPT*...... and not to mention demand anything less
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 *other FUCKERS

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PostSubject: *other FUCKERS   Sun Sep 02, 2018 6:51 am

*I* MUST SAY~ *i* am really amazed at the number of **U** (*) on line~ & just as *I* open this page up too.


*I* will need (due to evidence already seen on mY other bio MOM TOO Forum) to repeat HERE~ A sLOG~ I KNOW~ @least 1 of **U** (*) *other FUCKERS... *ARE* taking advantage of.

GO there ... to see *WHaT* ... those *other FUCKERS... *are* currently attempting to profit from. (But~give me a shot time to make it  clearly visible)
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*other FUCKERS
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