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God like curiosity, AND~ who the hell be you to want, expect *ACCEPT*...... and not to mention demand anything less
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 HELP ~ versus ~ Assume : Ass out of *u* and me ..... too.

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PostSubject: HELP ~ versus ~ Assume : Ass out of *u* and me ..... too.   Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:13 am

Two avenues to foul digestion:~ Complicated AND Complex.

PLEASE NOTE~ I *do*have a tendency to raise the Ire in those i approach (that is not me being flippant Or self deprecating)
BUT~ years of actually exprience with Most have been too cowardly to come back, when asked ........... with ....... an explanation.
I suspect however, that it is because they feel any answer they give will just lead to another question.
.... AND~since it is THE IRE in them that's been raised............... IT not only will BUT~ also .... should.
....THAT 'SHOULD' OF COURSE is only valid (in my book... as yet)........"if discourse sits behind the initial approach.
AS IT DOES HERE ! >>>>> With both *u* AND you.
~ I have ALSO~ found a few who have allowed their initial Ire ....& me.... the benefit of doubt, primarily i think, because I wasn't holding an axe at the time.
~ ONLY TO FIND LATER  that my vocal disappointment in their penchant to replace (eg) 'avenues' .... with path, road, way etc ALSO led to selective blindness.
{{{ THEIR 'Ire'valued........ BUT MINE..... ignored. }}}

SO TO~ Complicated AND Complex;

BOTH~ I suspect, each of you will know, have in all English Dictionaries... a *similar* meaning, (please note the 2 stars~In this particular case it's explanation sits, in that *penchant* i've just mentioned, I do use them for other reasons, and will, as in the case of ... *u* versus You, explain.... as i progress)
NOW~ My reading of those two words.........go like this;

cyclops Complicated = Subject, Thing, Action etc, meant to be explained, shown, illustrated etc.... as a comprehensive whole, BUT~ made up of a number of things/elements, sometimes connected, sometimes not...........
BUT~as yet~ a manner THE PRESENTER can *fully*..... put together.

cyclops Complex .... Whilst having 'made up of a number of things/elements, sometimes connected, sometimes not....... in common. DOES NOT HAVE ~Subject, Thing or Action etc, meant to be explained, shown, illustrated etc as a comprehensive whole FOR IT'S PROBLEM
Exclamation BUT~ HOW BEST to arrange, present, show, illustrate said subject, Thing or a manner that has BOTH~ BEST AND FULL chance of being understood, seen etc, etc..
In my experience, most , not only don't bother to ascertain which of the above they are being asked to *help-with*
~ BUT~ also~ don't bother to ascertain if those asking for help, understand the difference.
~ AND EVEN SADER~ more often than not, just jump in and **** ASSUME****...... they themselves understand the difference.
~ AND/BUT still, promptly go on~ *offering* ~ Their *help*.
~AND/BUT........ then getting all uppity if/when the asker says... Hey !....just a minute
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HELP ~ versus ~ Assume : Ass out of *u* and me ..... too.
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